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Generation's Ride Medium-Dark Roast

Generation's Ride Medium-Dark Roast

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Experience the Unbridled Flavor of Generation's Ride medium-dark roast coffee.

Our Generation's Ride medium-dark roast is a wild blend that marries the boldness of a dark roast with the smoothness of a medium roast. This exceptional blend is a journey for your taste buds, offering enticing notes of cocoa, rich caramel, and comforting vanilla tones.

But this coffee isn't just a sensory delight; it's a tribute to the open road and the legacy of the cowboy. Featuring artwork by the world-famous artist Motor Marc Lacourciere, "Generation's Ride" is a part of his iconic Legend Rider series, dedicated to the Sturgis Rally's yearly anniversary.

As described on Marc's website, this masterpiece encapsulates the evolving spirit of the cowboy, transitioning from galloping horses to roaring engines. The wind blows, leaves fall, and generations pass, leaving a shadowed legacy that's shown the true freedom of the open road to their family. From ancestors to children's children, the ride of a lifetime endures.

Savor the wild blend of Generation's Ride medium-dark roast coffee while celebrating this profound artwork on each bag. Order now to relish the taste of adventure and honor the timeless spirit of the open road, encapsulated in each cup. It's a journey through flavor and artistry you won't want to miss.

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